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Hey, at least I can roll a decent blunt! Have any of you smoked a joint like this?

Comuna Valeni este situată în partea central-nordică a județului Vaslui, în Podișul Artă comună Moldovenesc.

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It looks like this baby is holding quite a good amount of herb, and probably took a while to construct. This is the kind of joint you show up to a party with, and then watch in amazement as it comes apart artă comună your session.

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Click for Source 4. Two hearts, intertwined with each other, only to have another joint cross through them in the center, and then be wrapped in artă comună coils of hash oil.

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This one actually might burn pretty well, but damn would you have to be gentle when you passed it! I can artă comună whoever took part in burning this tower down felt just as high as the Eiffel Tower is tall.

I dig your style, young grass roller! I like that it looks like a 2D lightning bolt from this angle, but is actually more like a 3D step in design.

 - На его компьютере уже стоял «жучок»! - Он говорил, стараясь, чтобы его слова были слышны между сигналами.

I wonder if they opted to fill each side with a different strain? I guess it kind artă comună looks like a star fighter or some kind of plane, but who cares what you call it, right?

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Este minunat! Now, it might suck to light it, but I bet it made for quite the smoke show while it burned on down. Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift that helps you unwind after a long day and, while it might be a little difficult to get started, it probably smoked pretty well.

How many of you have rolled heart-shaped joints like this one for your significant other?