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juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis

Lista articolelor în limba engleza Ego structure in the institutionalized adolescents. Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică. Structural unemployment and work motivation — essential problems for graduates in Romania.

Diagnostic Imaging: Spine

Psychocultural and economic determinations of antreprenorial behavior. B 4. Sicial, emotional and school adaptation of children with learning disabilities in arab sector Israel : intervention program. Greed as a property of personality: the age aspect.

Idiopatică Pneumonia interstițială idiopatică sau pneumonia neinfecțioasă reprezintă o categorie de boli pulmonare difuze. Rotigotina ameliorează semnele şi simptomele bolii Parkinson idiopatice.

B 6. Emotional overstrain as a factor in the formation of maladaptation at students of medical college. Predictors formation of social maladjustment in patients with paranoid schizophrenia with concomitant somaticneurological disorders.

juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis

C 8. Social expectancy in vocational realization.

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Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis 9. The survey of psychological characteristics of elite cyclists of Iran.

Conductivity in size quantized systems: Consideration of the scattering of carriers on the surface in the case of the δ-shaped fluctuation of the surf.

Translational characterization of the glia role in multiple sclerosis. Translation of functional domain abnormalities from human to mouse motor system. C 2. Microbiological tools for assessment and prediction of the impact of soil management on soil organic matter in Moldovan chernozems. Screening of low density polyethylene degrading microorganisms.

Grape pomace as a filler in wine vinegar fermentation.

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Evaluation of the color as a characterization parameter of honey from Tunisia, Romania and Moldova. Rolul asolamentelor furajero-cerealiere în protejarea şi remedierea solului. Recycling bio-waste methods in order to protect the environment. Changes in biochemical composition of porphyridium cruentum upon exposure to silver nanoparticles.

The spectral shift of arthrospira platensis biomass cultivated in the presence of silver nanoparticles. Changes in carbohydrate content in spirulina biomass in the presence of silver nanoparticles. The assessment of copper, iron, zinc, and nickel tolerance combined with nostoc linckia biomass production.

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The perspective of using soil microorganisms for degradation of non-recyclable plastic waste. Modern approaches in agriculture for environmental protection and the origin of product quality: the use of biopesticides.

Heavy-metal toxicity in the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis. Estimation of malondialdehyde content in Arthrospira platensis Cnmn-cb cultivated in the presence of inorganic selenium IV compounds. The influence of some mineral fertilizers juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis the activity of the Cyanobacteria nostoc linckia and Nostoc punctiforme. Potential of microorganisms in the remediation of multimetal contaminated wastewaters.

Biogas as a source of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis energy obtained from the recovery of food industry waste. Challenges in identifying microbial biomass suitable for biosorption and bioaccumulation processes. Perspectives of using microbiological technologies for elimination of foul odor from biological treatment facilities. The assessment of phytotoxicity of soil polluted with organochlorine pesticides.

Microorganisms for bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils. Effect of fullerene and fullerene-chitosan complex on the growth, peroxidase activity and cadmium tolerance responses of barley seedlings. Using halotolerant bacteria to stimulate plant growth under technogenic salinization conditions. Influence of new bioactive compounds on the intensity of the protein metabolism in animals in the blood serum under physiological conditions.

Poultry in the continuation of the improvement of biotechnologies for obtaining products from the food industry.

juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis

Antioxidant activity of haematococcus pluvialis algal extracts during life cycle. Screening of low density polyethylene degrading fungi. Microbiological mechanisms of the removal of organic pollutants from aqueous solutions. Antioxidant activity of spirulina biomass upon the action of copper nanoparticles coated with polyethylene glycol.

Ang gidala Ang imong mga bukog sa bat-ang bahin sa imong pelvis. Kung ang imong bat-ang dili parehas, nga adunay usa nga taas nga hawak kaysa sa uban, kini gipasabut nga ang imong pelvis ikiling. Gitawag usab kini nga usa ka lateral pelvic tilt, ug pipila ra nga mga butang ang hinungdan niini. Ang mga simtomas ug pagtambal nagsalig sa hinungdan nga dili parehas ang imong bat-ang.

The age of arthrospira platensis culture as determinant factor relating to nanoparticles. Changes in malondialdehyde content in spirulina biomass in the presence of gold nanoparticles.

Current concepts and a survival analysis based on the cases reported to the romanian arthroplasty register Autor: C. Revizia componentei acetabulare. Concepte actuale si analiza cazurilor inregistrate in registrul national de endoprotezare Autor: C. II Cap.

Bioactive coordinative compounds action on the carbohydrate metabolism indices in animals under physiological conditions.

Rhodococcus wratislaviensis g13 as a perspective agent for a range of microbial preparations for the bioremediation of natural and industrial environments. Challenges and opportunities of using medicinal plants in phytoremediation.

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Isolation and characterization of a bacterium from petroleum sludge. Phthalate-degrading bacteria of the family micrococcaceae, perspective for the bioremediation of contaminated soils.

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Metal removal from zinc-containing effluent using two biological sorbents. Efficiency of the methods for extracting manoproteins from beer yeast sediments. Probiotic properties of Enterococcus faecium species which contribute to intestinal microflora balance. Enzymatic synthesis of Favipiravir riboside using recombinant purine nucleoside phosphorylase. The antioxidant activity of the yeast biomass from the beer industry waste.